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The Bloomery's Summer Bucket List

Enjoy the Season with The Bloomery

Summer is here, and there's no better time to embrace the great outdoors and connect with nature. The Bloomery has created the perfect summer bucket list to help you make the most of this exciting season. From simple pleasures like picking wildflowers to creative projects like making a fairy garden, our list has something for everyone. Here’s a sneak peek of the activities:

1. Pick Wildflowers: Wander through fields and pick a bouquet of beautiful wildflowers.

2. Make a Fairy Garden: Create a whimsical fairy garden with tiny plants and decorations.

3. Visit a Botanical Garden: Explore the beauty and diversity of plant life at a botanical garden.

4. Go on a Scavenger Hunt: Organize a nature-themed scavenger hunt for some outdoor fun.

5. Make a Birdfeeder: Craft a birdfeeder to attract and observe local birds in your garden.

6. Photograph Nature: Capture the beauty of nature through your lens.

7. Find Four Leaf Clovers: Hunt for lucky four-leaf clovers on a sunny day.

8. Plant a Tree: Contribute to the environment by planting a tree.

9. Grow Your Own Vegetables: Start a vegetable garden and enjoy homegrown produce.

10. Go on a Nature Walk: Take a leisurely walk through nature trails.

11. Make a Flower Crown: Craft a beautiful flower crown with fresh blooms.

12. Learn About Pollinators: Discover the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem.

13. Create a Garden Sensory Bin: Make a sensory bin filled with different textures from the garden.

14. Bake a Pie with Fresh Berries: Use freshly picked berries to bake a delicious pie.

15. Start an Herb Garden: Grow a variety of herbs for cooking and medicinal uses.

16. Organize Gardening Tools: Keep your gardening tools tidy and accessible.

17. Visit a Farmer’s Market: Support local farmers and enjoy fresh, seasonal produce.

18. Take a Gardening Class: Enhance your gardening skills by taking a class.

19. Start a Garden Journal: Document your gardening journey and progress.

20. Press Flowers: Preserve the beauty of flowers by pressing them.

21. Cook with Fresh Veggies: Create meals using vegetables straight from your garden.

22. Host a Garden Party: Invite friends and family for a garden-themed gathering.

23. Visit a Sunflower Patch: Experience the joy of walking through a sunflower field.

24. Collect and Save Seeds from Perennial Flowers: Harvest seeds to plant next season.

25. Make Homemade Ice Cream from Fresh Fruit: Cool off with homemade ice cream using fresh fruit.

26. Roast Sunflower Seeds: Enjoy a healthy and tasty snack by roasting sunflower seeds.

Embrace the joy of summer with these fun and fulfilling activities. Each item on the list is designed to help you connect with nature, be creative, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the season.

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Ready to start your summer adventure? Visit The Bloomery on social media and on Pinterest today for more summer inspiration and be sure to share your summer bucket list experiences with us on social media using #BloomerySummerBucketList. Have a wonderful summer!

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