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Easter Basket Gift Guide: Gardening Edition


As children eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Easter Bunny, why not inspire their green thumbs with a gardening-themed Easter basket? This year, instead of the usual candy-filled treats, consider gifting your little ones with tools, seeds, and supplies to kickstart their gardening adventures. In this Easter basket gift guide for kids, we'll explore a variety of fun and educational gardening goodies that will cultivate their love for nature while fostering a sense of responsibility and wonder. Dig in with us and discover the perfect gifts to plant the seeds of lifelong gardening passion!

The Bloomery's Ultimate Easter Basket Gift Guide with a variety of gift ideas for all ages!

Introduce your little adventurers to the thrills of nature with the Nature Bound Critter Cage. This cute bug catcher lets children safely observe insects and small critters up close. Perfect for outdoor exploration and sparking curiosity, it's an ideal gift to inspire little ones to gain a love for nature at an early age.

Encourage outdoor exploration and creativity with these vibrant Kids Gardening Gloves. Protect those little hands while digging, planting, and exploring the garden with these practical and fun gloves. They'd make the perfect addition to any Easter basket!

Encourage imaginative play and carry over that new love for gardening with the Little Tikes Pretend Garden Activity Playset. This interactive set features multiple gardening tools and accessories, perfect for little ones to engage in pretend gardening adventures. Add this delightful playset to your child's Easter surprises to inspire creativity outside of the garden, as well!

This developmental Montessori toy is beautifully crafted and features vibrant colors and various shapes, encouraging tactile learning and fine motor skills development. Great for the littlest of aspiring gardeners, this sorting game promotes curiosity and imagination and would be a great addition to your little one's Easter goodies.

Shield your child's eyes in style with these adorable round sunglasses, designed for both protection and fashion. These vintage-inspired shades offer UV400 protection and come in a variety of trendy colors, making them a perfect accessory for any outdoor adventure. Add a touch of coolness to your little one's Easter basket with these chic sunglasses that prioritize both safety and style.

Transform your child's Easter experiences with the Kid's Garden 5-Pack from The Bloomery. This vibrant set includes a fun collection that young gardeners can plant to kickstart their green thumbs. Pair this set with a watering can, garden tools, and proper gardening apparel for the total Easter package!

Inspire your child's creativity with the Creative Roots Paint Your Own Garden Stones kit. This set allows kids to personalize their own garden decorations with vibrant colors and whimsical designs, adding a touch of magic to any outdoor space. Add a splash of color and fun to your Easter basket while encouraging artistic expression and a love for gardening in young minds..

Add a splash of sunshine to your child's gardening adventures with this Metal Watering Can in cheerful yellow. Perfectly sized for little hands, this watering can makes gardening fun and easy for young enthusiasts. Make their Easter basket bloom with this adorable and functional watering can or use the can as the Easter basket itself! So many creative ideas for this product!

Don't forget about the older children on your Easter list who need cute and appealing gifts to include in their goodies. You can't go wrong with these plant-inspired crew socks for girls. Featuring the words "Plant Girl," your garden-loving girl will appreciate the design and practicality of this gift.

This Gardening Apron is designed with durability and functionality in mind. It features multiple pockets to hold gardening tools and essentials, making it perfect for planting and working in the garden. Add this adorable and practical apron to their Easter basket for hours of fun-filled gardening activities.

Make this Easter a blossoming adventure with this Paint & Grow Flower Growing Kit. This colorful kit combines creativity and gardening, allowing kids to paint their own planters before growing beautiful flowers from seeds.

Enhance your child's outdoor exploration with these captivating Kids Magnifying Glasses. Perfect for examining intricate details of plants, insects, and more in the garden, these handheld magnifiers spark curiosity and discovery. Add a sense of adventure to their Easter basket with these fun designs!

Encourage outdoor play and help them feel like real gardeners with the Radio Flyer Kids Wheelbarrow. This sturdy and colorful wheelbarrow is perfectly sized for little ones to transport their gardening tools and treasures around the yard. Make their Easter memorable with this delightful addition to their outdoor adventures, fostering imagination and active play. This gift would also make a great Easter basket to hold all the other gardening goodies!

Ignite your child's curiosity about plant growth with the Root Viewer Kit. This educational kit allows young gardeners to observe the fascinating process of root development firsthand. Add this engaging and informative kit to your Easter basket to inspire a love for gardening and science in your little one.

Make gardening adventures even more enjoyable for your little one with the Gardening Tote Bag set. This comprehensive kit includes child-sized gardening tools such as a watering can, trowel, and rake, all neatly organized in a colorful tote bag. Encourage outdoor exploration and hands-on learning by adding this delightful set to your child's Easter basket, fostering a lifelong love for nature and gardening.

These adorable boots feature playful patterns and glitter handles, adding a touch of whimsy to rainy day activities in the garden. These come in a variety of colors and styles that are perfect for any child in your life. Surprise your little one with these stylish and functional boots, perfect for splashing in puddles, exploring nature, and working in the garden, making them an ideal addition to any Easter basket.

Delve into the world of gardening with this peek and seek children's lift-a-flap book, In the Garden. This adorable book engages even the youngest readers with interactive lift-the-flap pages, teaching them about the wonders of growing a garden. Add this precious book to your child's Easter basket to inspire curiosity and grow a love for nature from an early age.

We hope this gift guide sparked creativity within yourself and suggested items that can be perfect for the special little people in your life! We invite you to share your finished garden-themed Easter baskets with us! Your creativity and passion is an inspiration to us and we love to see what our followers create and do. We can't wait to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media, by email, or by visiting us at the greenhouse! If you would like a clickable gift guide with the gifts and links featured on it for easy, hassle-free shopping, you can download it below! Happy Easter!

The Bloomery Easter Basket Gift Guide Gardening Edition
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